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Building off of the branding from the successful launch of Rosie2, we redesigned SmplTec's website to reflect the new brand direction and experience. Products were 3D modelled and visualized and each given a presentation page for customers to interact with. Product packaging was redesigned to reflect the branding and bring the entire brand experience together.
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  • brand identity
  • print design
  • web design


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The company rebranding introduced colours from the successful launch of the new product, Rosie 2. The colours mixed their previous branding with all new colours that blended minimalism with calming colours and a touch of excitement.
colour swatch whitecolour swatch smpltec orangecolour swatch medium blue smplteccolour swatch dark grey near black
Each product received a fully featured 3D model for visualization renders and animation, assisting with the content creation process and future updates.
render of SmplTec oneClick Remoterender of SmplTec Alerts! button
The website was presented as a showcase for SmplTec's product lineup. Each product featured it's own page experience, walking customers through the features of the product.
Smpltec website on macbook laptop on alerts product page
SmplTec Website Homepage on a Mobile Device iPhoneSmplTec Website Product Page TouchPlayer on a Mobile Device iPhone
Each product was given their own full production video advertisement complete with 3D animations and voice over to introduce customers to the product and the new brand experience.
We created social media assets to tie the entire brand experience together including 15 second videos for advertising.
oneClick Social Media Ad PostoneClick Social Media Ad Post

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