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Rosie 2

As a follow-up product, this project required a full revisioning of the company branding. The logo was designed to match the aesthetic of the SmplTec logo while introducing more delicate touches and colour. A full product reveal website was created to introduce Rosie 2 to the public that incorporated guided getting started videos into the experience.
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  • branding
  • logo design
  • narration
  • Video Production
  • visualization
  • web design
  • web development
  • 3d modelling


Little Kiwi Bird Feet
The new logo was designed to incoporate elements of SmplTec's minimalistic logo design with a new delicate approach to make the logo more approachable and friendly to customers. Colours brought in a calming blue with an exciting touch of orange.
colour swatch whitecolour swatch smpltec orangecolour swatch medium blue smplteccolour swatch dark grey near black
We created a fully featured 3D product model for more control over imagery and a more interactive website experience in addition assisting with print material and marketing content.
Close up of Reminder Rosie 2 LCD Panel
front view of rosie 2front view of rosie 2
Rosie 2 Website on Apple laptop
The website introduced Rosie 2 with an all-new branding direction. Pulling inspiration from SmplTec's minimalistic style we brought in more colour and character to the brand. With the success of this product, the new branding approach would soon be applied across the entire SmplTec brand.
Reminder Rosie 2 mobile website view on iphoneReminder Rosie 2 mobile website view on iphone
Narrated getting started guides were introduced to display the easy functions of the product and fully capped off the experience.
Rosie 2 product packaging
The product packaging was designed using the new branding from the website to present Rosie to customers in a new and refreshing way.

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