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During a period of refocusing the business, mPower targeted training postpartum women. The business was rebranded to properly reflect the new focus. The fitness logo featured a more approachable design with softer, pastel colours and retro styling while retaining a sense of structure and power.


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logo design and branding white colour swatchlogo design and branding light green mpower colour swatchlogo design and branding dark green mpower colour swatch
Branding colours were inspired by retro gym with a twist of lifestyle.
mPower fitness logo in Light Green with Dark Green BackgroundmPower fitness logo in dark green with light green background
While the fitness logo design featured multiple colour variations, allowing the fitness logo to easily adapt to different social media accounts and fitness apps.
mPower fitness logo in white with light green backgroundmpower fitness logo in dark grey black with white background

Working with Kiwi on rebranding my project was a great experience. I truly wasn’t sure how I wanted to proceed in regards to branding and logo design. They really spent time understanding my business idea, the attention to detail and creativity were very evident. I was so happy with the results.

mPower Fitness Logo

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