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Mondo Eco-Expeditions

Mondo Eco-Expeditions came to us with an exciting direction. An ecological Costa Rica travel business with a twist of focusing on high school and university students taking part in research, education and community. They needed to have a brand direction that would steer them in the right path and provide a solid foundation for the business to grow from while still targeting their demographic.


  • brand identity


Little Kiwi Bird Feet
Mondo Eco-Expeditions Before Sunset Yellow ColourMondo Eco-Expeditions Leaf Green ColourMondo Eco-Expeditions Foliage Green ColourMondo Eco-Expeditions Midnight Green Colour
The brand style, colour palette and fonts were all created with a focus on the 16-29 age group. With bright, vibrant colours and exciting typography, Mondo's brand style exudes an adventurous vibe.
Main Mondo Eco-Expeditions Logo with white text with costa rica jungle background
The main logo focused around a "look into" the world of Mondo Eco-Expeditions with a touch of environmental friendly styling.

With an ocean perspective looking towards a lush and rich Costa Rica style terrain, the logo also featured a Toucan bird very near to the owner's heart and overall theme of the business.
Mondo Eco-Expeditions slogan with sunset background of costa rica
Mondo Eco-Expeditions mockup of icon and branding applied to social media instagramMondo Eco-Expeditions icon logo with parrot toucan in background
Mondo Eco-Expeditions horizontal logo variation with ocean imageMondo Eco-Expeditions vertical logo variation with ocean sunset

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