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As a social media centered business, Digital Brew Studio needed branding and a logo that could adapt to any size or environment. Our task was to integrate their interests and style into the branding and logo. A mixture of retro colours, photography and a twist of coffee made for an exciting but flexible brand.
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Little Kiwi Bird Feet
The branding began with neutral colours inspired from retro photography and coffee while retaining simplicity.
colour swatch digital brew studio creamcolour swatch digital brew studio orangecolour swatch digital brew studio brown
Digital Brew Studio Logo Dark
The logo would feature clean typography with a small coffee "drip" alongside an icon logo that mixed a camera, a coffee brewer and the letters "D", "B" and "S" hidden throughout.

The icon and text were designed to be used together or as separate variations to the full logo.
Digital Brew Studio Logo Variation IconDigital Brew Studio Logo Variation Text Logo
The logo and branding allowed Digital Brew Studio to fully rebrand their business and incorporate the new colours into social media content.
Digital Brew Studio Instagram ProfileDigital Brew Studio Instagram Profile Post

There was no way I wanted to rush into things, It needed to be perfect. That’s where Aaron, creator of Kiwi Creative saved the day. Now I can confidently say I am proud of my Logo and the brand that is growing each and every day. Thank you Aaron!

Digital Brew Studio Logo

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