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A flooring product and install business from the late 90's, Cooper's Flooring has been a mainstay of Dunnville Ontario and the surrounding areas for years. Known for their quality services and products with family centric business, Cooper's Flooring deserved a defined brand position and website experience that properly conveyed their passions and family lineage.
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Cooper's Flooring Warm White ColourCooper's Flooring Cream ColourCooper's Flooring Warm Grey Colour
The colour palette for Cooper's Flooring began with the original Cooper's red colour while incorporating supporting colours that proudly acknowledge the generation in which Cooper's Flooring was created. The colour palette creates a comfortable balance of vintage and modern home styling.
Cooper's Flooring English Red ColourCooper's Flooring Deep Blueblank colour min
Cooper's Flooring branding concept with logo
The logo was rebuilt along with a brand style guide to allow for more logo colour options, variations and modern file types. This allows Cooper's Flooring to have the files required in an easy to access package for any media project well into the future of their business.
The website experience centred around family. Cooper's Flooring being built by Howie Cooper and then passed down to the next generation was a beautiful part of the Cooper's story that deserved to be presented as visitors experienced what the business meant.
Cooper's Flooring from Dunnville, Ontario website homepage
A modern yet vintage website experience created a welcoming and comforting presence for Cooper's Flooring to begin their journey online. Adding in product and service pages allows for seamless future expansion.
Cooper's Flooring Mobile website homepage on iphoneCooper's Flooring Mobile website product page on iphone

With having very minimal knowledge myself on the process, these two made it simple and effortless to understand, as well as implementing their own thoughts and opinions to make the site exactly catered to you. We couldn't be happier with our website!

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