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Overseeing the entire creative direction of Battlefield International, our priority was to highlight the beautiful products using interactive 3D visualizations to give customers a virtual "hands on" experience. Branding featured a strong but technological stance that intentionally strayed from the typical styles of their industry to place Battlefield at the top of new technology and products.
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  • branding
  • narration
  • print design
  • Video Production
  • visualization
  • web design


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Battlefield International Website Page of a Quick Disconnect Coupler
We oversaw a complete rebranding of Battlefield International. Starting with print media, we created new business cards and product catalogues to gauge interest on the branding direction.

High quality 3D visualizations of products were created to allow for flexibility in content creation using limitless options for camera angles.
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Building from the success of the print media and product visualizations, we designed a new website that introduced Battlefield's new branding to the world. The website allowed customers to interact with products for a streamlined experience not seen before in this industry, further reinforcing Battlefield's strong hold on the industry.
Battlefield International Mobile Website on Phone HomepageBattlefield International Mobile Website on Phone Product Page Coupler
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To help promote Battlefield and the new website we created videos which incorporated the 3D visualizations and showcased a specific product series.
We incorporated a strong and impactful narration that carried the energy of the branding. This gave a teaser for potential customers of what they can expect from Battlefield.

I have worked in a professional capacity with Kiwi Creative for almost 4 years. I can't say enough about their creativity and responsiveness.

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