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Why your logo design looks similar to others

By Aaron Hughes on November 2, 2022

You got a brand spankin' new logo design and you paid the designer for an excellent job well done. The designer seemed to have designed a beautiful, professional logo quickly that looks great for your business. You start to show it off, placing it on your business cards, social media and everything else you possibly can only to start to notice similarities when comparing yours to others.

Truth of the matter, a lot of self-proclaimed "logo designers" have turned what should be an exercise in displaying a businesses personality, into a money-making machine.

That price was too reasonable

We all love a great deal and someone approached you with a fantastic deal on a logo for your new business. You take a bit of time to consider the offer, looking around at other designers offering the same services. After looking you come to realize that you are getting a great deal with that offer, or so you think. Truth is, logo and branding can be expensive and those other offers were most-likely a more realistic price for such an important job.

Proper logo and branding takes time

Thinking maybe that logo was designed a little too fast to be realistic? In fact, it was. A custom business logo designer knows how much the logo and brand means to a business and how it delivers the so-important first impression to potential customers. We spend good time on logos and brands with first designs and revisions galore, with time to reflect on the direction of the project and even more time for revisions while we encourage business owners to add their input to the overall process.

Image from envato elements of logo designer pack
Image of logo template package from Envato Elements

You should be involved with the logo designers building process

During any branding or company logo design building process, you should be the largest input to the decisions being made. Think it's weird that the "designer" only asked for your business name and industry? Trust that feeling, your business has a lot of story and personality to tell that deserves to be conveyed throughout your brand and logo.

Your business is unique, not a template

If you're in the situation of starting up a business then it's good to assume that it might be a passion for you. Passion brings out great things in people wanting to do some good in their industry while showing people what they can do. Passion is not a templated effort and nor is your business. Don't forget, your business deserves to be displayed properly. Your logo and brand are the first and sometimes only time to display that to others. Get it done right the first time, it might be the only chance you get.

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