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We're no design agency, we're kiwi creative studio

By Aaron Hughes on November 16, 2022

Oh wow, another creative studio/design agency that thinks they're special, so unique am I right?! I'm here today to explain my reasons why I wanted to start Kiwi Creative. Along with how our creative studio can differ from other creative studios or a creative design agency.

After many years of working in companies as the creative designer/director, what I came to realize is that companies typically don't have a problem with their core values, brand or passion behind their company. What they're missing is the communication to convey their message to creative designers. Designers are hired to visually represent a company and unfortunately get caught up in their own skills. Whether it's a solo designer or a design agency, they forget to truly listen to a company. This leads to brands, logos, websites and everything else, while looking modern and pleasing to the eye, not truly representing or reflecting the company behind the visuals.

Ego can be a problem with us creative types

Unfortunately for many designers and design agencies, ego gets in the way of communication. This can influence a company into a different direction. A designer, design agency or creative studio can be a great thing for any company but regardless of skill, you need someone or a team that listens to what you and your company has to say. Someone that has the best interest for your message to be properly conveyed.

I truly want the best outcome for any business owner

Nowadays everyone who has a laptop is a self-proclaimed "designer". After over 10 professional years in my field and the over-saturation of "designers", I wanted to create Kiwi Creative because I want to show clients how they should be treated. I want Kiwi Creative to properly represent designers and creative studios. I like to listen and help people and I get invested in those I want to help. I truly want the best outcome for any business owner. I'm proud I can use the skills I have to convey our client's messages properly. Chelsea and I get very excited brainstorming with clients. It's our true passion for our art and skill we share with our clients that build our relationships that transform into strong brand visuals.

All of the agency names get used interchangeably

We've all seen design companies use the agency names interchangeably. Whether it's a design agency, creative studio, design studio or some other name. While many of the agency names can be used to convey the same meaning. Our definition of a creative studio is a small group of specialized creatives brought under the same roof to support unique brands and businesses. A design agency is typically a much larger company and operation. Employees of every type of designer are available to allow for a seamless manufacturing line of brands and designs. A design agency excels with large operations and big companies. This also means the person you talk to, most likely won't be the person who's working on your brand. They're just the one employed to convey your message to the designers in charge.

We'll point you to another design agency if we're not the best fit for you

As a boutique creative studio, we're very small. It's just Chelsea and I, and we're very proud of that. It allows us to take the time to build true relationships with clients. Really learning about the people behind a company while also providing us with the real core values of their business. This also means that we don't have the capability to do everything, and we won't. We're happy to specialize in our skills and help like-minded clients. We're not interested in growing into some massive design agency just to be "bigger" and "better" than the other guys. We're interested in our art, improving our skills and ultimately our clients.

We're not interested in making a sale, we're interested in seeing you succeed

Kiwi Creative, to me, was made as a way to properly convey what a creative studio or design agency should be. We're proud to share our skills and create meaningful relationships with our clients while learning more about the personality of each client and business. We're excited to play a part in helping each and every one of our clients succeed.

This is what makes Kiwi Creative special.

So, got a project for Kiwi Creative?

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