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The Kiwis are live!

By Chelsea Bradley on October 17, 2022

Hello! It's so nice to finally have you here, we hope you enjoy your stay. I thought it would be great to introduce myself and a bit about our journey to get here and launch our new website.

Aaron and I have been working hard in our respective fields and navigating our skills separately for some time. In 2021, we started to find ourselves collaborating on numerous projects, giving each other feedback and building new skills together. Earlier this year we thought, hey, wouldn't it be cool if we could combine our skills and really be able to take client experiences to the next level? So, Kiwi Creative was born and we got to work developing our own brand.

Although our specialties are very different, we've always believed the notion that "two sets of eyes are always better than one." With that in mind, we dive into our projects together with our whole hearts. Whether I'm finishing up a voice over for a project or Aaron is working on developing a new website, we are constantly collaborating and sharing ideas and suggestions to help each other grow. I think what really makes us mesh well as business partners is not only our ability to give constructive, honest feedback, but to then take that feedback, learn from it and identify what's working and what we need to adjust.

Our team is small, but it is mighty! We really do value our relationships with clients, as well as our own relationship (both professionally and personally). Being a team of two really allows us to be at the forefront of all projects and ensure we are delivering consistency. We hope that as you're navigating through our new website, you can really feel the dedication we've put into telling our story and the pride we have in the brand we've developed here.

We look forward to our next adventure, sharing more of our journey and helping more businesses achieve their branding dreams!