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We're excited to build close and dedicated relationships with our clients to properly convey the personality of each project and determine the true scope and direction.
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Chill out, sit down, have a coffee and have a chat about your next project or idea. Telling your company's story along with a compelling customer experience is his passion. You'll find Aaron pouring his effort into projects to deliver a unique experience that truly represents each individual company, no matter the size of the project.

Aaron spends his off-time trying new coffee roasts, video gaming, learning more design skills and accidentally finding typography mistakes everywhere he looks.

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Also known as the voice over artist with forever changing hair colour, Chelsea brings her passion for fun to the team. She works on coordinating projects and immersing herself in the client experience each step of the way.

When she’s not dancing around her home office to a new alt album, she’s working on writing scripts and practicing lines for her next project.

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Why A Kiwi?

The Kiwi Bird holds a special place in our hearts as representation of our core beliefs and culture.



Creating meaningful and lasting relationships is at the heart of our business, just like the kiwi bird! As a couple, we are dedicated to one another. And as business owners, we are dedicated to the clients we work with.


We are committed to approaching each project with an optimistic outlook. There’s excitement in pushing our clients beyond their vision, thinking outside the box and thinking big. In a world full of pessimism, we want to ensure we create an environment that brings out our clients' passion and enthusiasm for their business.


You are what makes your business so unique. That’s why we fully encourage implementing your own self expressive touch to all aspects of your business. Our process includes getting you actively involved in how your business is going to be presented in order to translate your vision in a way that you can feel proud of.


Bringing your project to life requires input on both ends. We approach each client experience as a collaborative effort. Your input is the driving force to our creative minds and opens us up to be able to provide feedback, suggestions and an overall action plan to meet your needs.

We will also suggest what we think will really compliment your needs (and occasionally help define what your needs really are!).


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I have worked in a professional capacity with Kiwi Creative for almost 4 years. I can't say enough about their creativity and responsiveness.

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