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Inaction is killing your business

By Aaron Hughes on October 23, 2022

Ever think about how much stuff you used to get done as a child? It seemed as if you could fit a ton of different activities into any given day when you were young.

This can be tracked back to the time over-thinking or over preparing to do something. If a kid wants to go for a bike ride, they're on the bike as soon as they can get their shoes on. In comparison, we adults like to over prepare which kills our time doing activities. What if it rains? Oh, I better check the weather app, oh look a guide on how to change my bike's flat tire. Oh check out this instagram influencer aaaand there goes an hour.

This type of over preparation and inaction can directly influence your time. How much you spend on the activities and interests that are important to you, including your business. Be prepared for any business decision, but making any decision is better than nothing.

just like a relationship, it relies on how much work you're willing to put in for it to succeed.

Collecting data and comparing a business decision you're considering making to another business can be a great way to prepare. I promise you, you'll never have enough data to satiate your need to 100% confirm that your decision will lead to the best or worst outcome. Your business is unique, so use comparisons for data only and not a confirmation of anything. Just like making new relationships with potential new friends or partners. Look to others for information on how to succeed and potential pitfalls. Your unique situation will also differ from person to person, business to business. Just like a relationship, a lot of it relies on how much work you're willing to put in for it to succeed.

Over thinking can lead us to hesitating on what otherwise would have been a great decision.

Collect the data you need to feel comfortable and then make the jump. Any decision you make will lead to a great learning experience. So long as you're willing to put the honest effort in to nurture and support it. If the decision initially seems to go in an unexpected direction, continue to support it. Be ready to adjust as needed for any unforseen outcomes.

Any decision is better than no decision, inactivity can slowly kill a business. Many of us have seen, our favourite small businesses that seemed to stay static for years and years and then suddenly disappear. Inactivity creates a safe place without immediate risk to you or the business but also without any gain or growth. All while other more innovative or more daring businesses swoop in to take the lead.

Any decision is better than no decision

If you believe in yourself and your business, give it a fighting chance. Make that jump you've been hesitating on and own it. It may be the best decision you've ever made.

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