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It's ok to hate Mondays

By Chelsea Bradley on October 31, 2022

The only thing scarier than today being Halloween is that it's also...a Monday! Contrary to hustle culture belief, it's completely okay if you hate Mondays. Even if you love what you do, work is work. Do you enjoy your time with family, friends and your hobbies? Then dreading being pulled away from that is normal!

Garfield I hate Monday
Me walking into work on Monday.

Your definition of Monday may be different than others.

For anyone who doesn't work a regular 9-5, a Monday could be any day of the week. Maybe you work night shifts, weekends or have an ever changing schedule. Whatever day is your first day back to work after spending some special time off is your Monday. And you don't have to be thrilled about it. This is why people hate Mondays.

Approach your day with a positive attitude, but don't forget to be real with yourself!

I am ALL for self development, manifesting positive vibes and optimistic outlooks. Heck, it's part of Kiwi Creative's mission statement! What I have learned is that I value my free time more than anything so I fill it with things I love. And it's not a crime to be a bit grumpy when I'm taken away from that! Even to do work that I enjoy, you're allowed to hate Mondays or the time that takes you away from your special time.

Hate Monday? We've prepared a free gift to get you through

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Happy Halloween and an equally happy Monday to you!