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How we do custom logo design

By Aaron Hughes on February 27, 2023

Logo design is one of those most important aspects of your business. It can be one of the only things a customer will see while they decide if they want to support your business or not. A professional custom logo design will tell your business' story and mission with intention to your industry to help pull in your ideal customers.

Here at Kiwi Creative, it's our mission to design a logo that properly conveys your story and mission and create the fundamental building block for your business to create content for years to come.

The Custom Logo Design starts with you

From the very start of our logo design packages we ask you to be involved. We involve you with a fun exercise that helps to further evoke thoughts and ideas for your business, logo design and brand. Having you involved early on points us in the true direction of your business rather than influencing you with an assumption of what we believe your business is.

mPower custom Logo design in dark green with light green background
mPower Fitness Logo Design
Digital Brew Studio Logo Dark custom logo design
Digital Brew Studio Business Logo Design

True Collaboration

We are the designers, but you know your business! As we dive into your logo design you're involved at every step. Our concept logo designs are created as a direction for you to head down. As we continue to bounce ideas back and fourth, your ideal logo is sculpted as a collaboration from both of us. We want you to have helped in the process of building your custom logo design and we love to share in the pride that comes along with building a logo that truly fits "you".

Trendy but Timeless company logo design

We love trending styles and design, they are fun to jump into but the more trendy a design, the faster it can look old and dated. As beautiful as trending designs can look now, we are more interested in building a custom logo for you that won't need to be redesigned in a year or two. Our logos are designed with over 10 years of design experience and the intention to last you a lifetime, using beautiful typography as a rock solid foundation. We pull inspiration from trending designs and themes and blend them with tried and true design techniques to build you a custom logo design that will grow with your business for years to come.

Canopy Mapping Co. Custom business logo design
Canopy Mapping Co. Custom Logo & Brand Style Guide

Intentional colour use

We introduce colour to your logo a bit later into our process. We believe a logo should be able to stand on its own and tell your business' story without the use of colour. We introduce colour to reinforce and further enhance the logo design. We are very intentional with the use of colours while we take accessibility and necessity into consideration.


During every step of our customized logo design process, we are taking accessibility into consideration. Some logos may look beautiful but can you read them? How does that logo look when you shrink it down? What happens when the logo its put on a black background?

The proper choice of design and colours can make the difference of legibility, scalability and overall usability for your logo. We want you to be able to use your logo with no limits while it adapts to what you need it to do.

It's time for your Custom logo design

We're excited to work together with you to build a beautiful custom logo that will grow and evolve with your business. We invest ourselves and our passion in each and every one of our clients as we truly want to see you succeed as a business. We think it's time for your new custom logo design, what about you?

So, got a project for Kiwi Creative?

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