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Don't Forget Your Holiday Voicemail Greetings!

By Chelsea Bradley on December 19, 2022

Heading out of office for the holidays? Don't forget to update your voicemail!

In case you left it to the last minute, we've created 8 generic holiday greetings for your to upload to your voicemail messages inbox. If you have a system that allows your to upload your own audio, you'll see the pack has 2 common types of files that are used. You'll notice the massive difference in audio quality- some systems are very old school and require the very muffled version! If you don't have a system that allows you to upload your own file, you may want to use a quick and easy method to update your out of office message.

Here's the simple steps to update your voicemail quick and easy:

  1. Choose which message you like from the files provided. You'll need to use the higher quality WAV file for best audio clarity.
  2. Have the chosen file ready on a device other than your phone that has speakers that can play the recording out loud.
  3. Dial in to your voicemail inbox and follow the prompts provided to record a new voicemail message.
  4. When prompted to start recording your message, hit "play" on the chosen recording.
  5. Once the chosen recording is done playing, confirm it as your new voicemail message.

In case these steps aren't clear, I've put together a short video of how to do it here:

There is still time to get your own custom voicemail for the holidays! Our wide range of services include voice over and we are happy to help you get the wording just right for your business.

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