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2022 Wrap-up

By Chelsea and Aaron on December 30, 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we’d like to reflect on all of our experiences we’ve had since launching Kiwi Creative this year. As short as our first year has been (officially launching in October) our creative studio has already made some fantastic memories! In true end of the year fashion, here is our 2022 wrap-up!

Logo & Branding

In a world where logos can look so similar and templated, we’re proud to create meaningful brand experiences. These experiences present our client’s vision effectively to create a solid foundation. In our 2022 wrap-up our logo and branding experiences took us all over the map (literally), working with a wide variety of industries.

Kiwi Creative logo designs for 2022 wrap-up
2022 Wrap-up Logo and Branding Design

An ultra modern design was used for Smpltec’s product logos incorporating relaxing colours with a touch of excitement. Soft and cozy retro designs inspired the new brand direction for Digital Brew Studio. Throwing it back to the 90’s and the “BodyBreak” era, mPower Fitness empowers postpartum women with its lifestyle-centric approach.

Geared towards the spatial technology (GIS) industry, minimalistic and clean design inspired Canopy Mapping Co.’s branding and logo while encouraging flexibility of its main icon. Wrapping up the year was our very own Chelsea Bradley who rebranded her voice over business to match her attitude with an elegant art nouveau/art deco vibe mixed with a touch of high-fashion. 

Web Design & Development

Creating unique website experiences that properly showcase a business is a core focus of Kiwi Creative. For the 2022 wrap-up, we have built a variety of experiential websites that reflect the personality of our clients.

website designs and development for 2022 wrap-up
2022 Wrap-up Web Design and Development

Using a monotone colour palette with a pop of construction orange, JX Contracting’s website focused on a simple design with quick access to contact information. Taking a more illustrative approach, Freedom Wildlife’s new website incorporated animal illustrations and soft natural colours to tell the story of critters traveling through a home.

Using their new branding, Smpltec’s website was redesigned to showcase the product lineup and guide customers through their features. An elegant mix of art deco and modern style was implemented into the new website design for Wright Cut to refresh their barbershop image. Chelsea Bradley continued her rebranding with a landing page featuring a new dynamic audio player. Launching into the new year, Oranje Son Brewing will feature their fun personality with an eccentric experience in their upcoming ecommerce store.

Voice Over & Narration

We help draw our client’s audiences in by bringing life to their projects with relatable, friendly and approachable voice overs. For this year and the 2022 wrap-up, we’re proud to have served a wide range of industries all over the globe.

Starting off the year, Chelsea’s continued partnership with Stewart’s Shops brought personality and fun to their in-store promos and radio ads in their over 300 locations. Adding to their new brand, Smpltec was given a voice to introduce and showcase their products. A casual but elegant approach was used for Hughes Agency’s social media ad to connect with potential clients. Working with Chemscape on numerous eLearning modules, engaging but clear and consistent narration was a key focus.

Navigating through two unique brands with Eggplain, we connected and captivated their audiences through narrated corporate explainer videos. Closing out the year, we once again worked with Beyond Media to create a dynamic, voice guided virtual tour for the University of Calgary.

3D Modelling & Package Design

Our 3D models have provided clients with interactive products that can be placed into unique scenarios and environments including product packaging. In the 2022 wrap-up We turn the digital brand into a physical product through their packaging and more, incorporating their unique design elements. 

3d modelling, print design and package design for the 2022 wrap-up
2022 Wrap-up 3D Modelling, Print and Package Design

Each product in the Smpltec lineup received a 3D model to be used on their website, social media and product packaging. This created a consistent tone across the entire brand. And, for a proper ecommerce experience, we created beer can and beer glass 3D models for Oranje Son Brewing to easily update can artwork and future proof the store for new product additions.

Social Media & Video

As social media becomes more of an extension of each business, for our 2022 wrap-up we've helped our clients to properly translate their brand and story to their social media audience with meaningful imagery and videos. We also help by managing their posts to create consistency and a connection with their audience. 

social media marketing and video production for the 2022 wrap-up
2022 Wrap-up Social Media Management and Video Production

Using Smpltec’s new 3D models, we created animated product videos. Introducing products and their features, Smpltec’s brand was reinforced by adding a reassuring voice to the videos. Engaging captions and hashtags with a consistent posting schedule continues to help Woodpecker Design Shop reach a wider Instagram audience and convey their products properly in their social media feed. To polish off the upcoming Oranje Son Brewing eCommerce store launch, social media posts and videos are ready to go, which will showcase the personality of their brand.

Looking to 2023

We’re excited to launch into the new year of 2023 with optimism. We have excellent clients and are proud to be working together with other passionate business owners. Collaborating and inspiring others to express themselves while helping to build a loyal community around ourselves and our clients as we all grow together. 2022 has been an exciting ride and we plan to #keepitkiwirky in 2023!  This brings our 2022 wrap-up to a close. #NewYearNewUs baby!

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